Our prototype materials

Without suitable materials, no prototypes and small series could arise. We use 3 categories of materials in our company. Let's take a closer look at these subcategories:

Materials for 3D printing

You can print from a variety of materials. According to your desired properties we can offer the right material and related technology of 3D printing, because each technology has its own palette of materials. Connect with us and we will select the best for your project.

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Casted resins

In our work shop we use mostlycasting polyurethanes (PU) and epoxy resines. They excel very wide range of properties. Solid, rubbery or foamy. We have resins replacing industrial plastics such as ABS and PE for the production of hi-tech prototypes. UV stable transparent resin for use from technical light guides to jewelry and table tops "Resin river table". Therefore, it is not a problem for us to find material exactly for your needs.

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Silicone is a great material! It stands out for its flexibility, health harmlessness, but also weather resistance and chemicals . Silicones differ in their hardness, color, as well as skin and food contact certification. We will produce custom-made everything from seals, pump membranes to sweets.

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