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Here you can see in detail what we have already worked on and what benefits it has for our clients.

Presentation models

We are a team of enthusiastic modelers. We can create a faithful model of your product no matter how complex it is. We can produce models in units of pieces, but also a series of hundreds. It is up to the customer's wish and vision. We always try to establish a harmony between the amount of displayed details and the economic side. Before starting production, we like to create computer visualizations to give the customer the best possible picture of his future model.

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Device covers

Inventing electronic devices is a very complex and challenging discipline. We admire teams and individuals who are embarking on this. We realize that every electronics needs to pack properly. And not only for aesthetic but also protective reasons. We offer development co-operation, cover production for your prototypes and subsequently help with the transition to mass production.

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Turn-key prototypes

Do you need help with the construction of the cover or the entire device? We are experienced engineers who are not afraid of any challenges.

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Molds and stamps

We are specialists in flexible molds. We produce molds not only for our own needs for vacuum casting, but also for customers of various professions. Our concrete punchers even went to beautiful Zanzibar, where they participated in the decoration of the luxurious resort, for which the Czechs won a prestigious award.

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We can appreciate art in any form and make us sincere joy to support it. We help artists materialize their original ideas because: “Nature is the work of the universe, but art is the work of man.” Karel Čapek

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